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 Webhosting and Materials Fund 

What is this?

Several years ago, after being fed up with with the sluggish response times, latency and overall poor support from our webhost, I took the plunge and moved Delaware Open Carry to our own dedicated server through a leased service. Since it's inception, I've personally invested close to $1500 in webhosting and domain name fees and, honestly, it's hard to keep up. Since we have some domain renewals and, in the coming months, server lease fees due, it's time for me to ask our membership for a bit of financial aid.

Whether you're able to contribute a little or a lot, please support the website, forums and organization that brings so many of us together here in Delaware and the surrounding areas.

What Will My Donation Be Used For?

The bulk of donations will go towards the server lease fee, which is about $260 a year. It will also cover maintaining domain name registrations, extra bandwidth or storage that may be needed, incidentals and any maintenance, upkeep, and emergency costs.

How Do I Donate?

If you're interested in donating, firstly, thank you very much. Your support helps us keep Delaware Open Carry a great informational resource and one of the leading, grassroots firearms communities in Delaware. You may donate through PayPal via the link above -- please include your username if possible (PayPal eats a small portion (~3%) of your donation).

Thank you for your support!

(Total minus PayPal fees)