If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #110367  by Adam
So...a couple months ago, I was pulled over on Kirkwood Hwy near the Newark Farmers Market. Nothing major, just failed to notice that my tag had expired. It happened to be around 1 am, and I had a Ruger P90 (45 cal. semi-automatic) sitting on my passenger seat.

As the officer approached my window, I turned on my interior light and placed my hands at 10 and 2. When the trooper got to my door, she explained why she pulled me over, and asked for my license and registration. I said...very calmly..."Ok, but I want you know that I am currently armed. There is a loaded firearm sitting on my passenger seat. My drivers license is in my wallet and my registration in the glove box. I'd like to know how you would like to proceed."

The trooper was visibly surprised. She hesitated for a second, so I said that I could either slowly hand it to her, or I could roll down the passenger window and she could walk around to the passenger side and hold the gun during our exchange. She decided to take the gun from the passenger side. She placed the Ruger on my roof. After a couple minute of standard traffic stop conversation, she took my license, registration and firearm back to her car.

At that point another state trooper pulled up. He stayed in his cruiser until she exited her vehicle. The second officer stayed by the back of my vehicle when the first trooper came back to my window. She handed me my license, registration, gun (which was unloaded at this point) and my ticket. She said thank you for remaining calm and wished me a safe evening.

Other than the ticket, (which was my own stupid fault) I have to say that it was a positive exchange in what could have been a very stressful situation.
 #110369  by radnor
Sinker wrote:That's exactly how I would have handled it; glad to hear it went well for all involved!
 #110381  by josephjanes
Exactly the way to handle the stop. If only more people would do that, slowly, calmly.
I had similar experience April, 2016 with Newark PD. Chatted with officer for an hour after he gave me ticket - I figured at least he wasn't hassling someone else.
DMV stopped sending out renewal notices on expiring tags several years ago - I try to point out to people if I see an expiring tag - or a brake light out, broken headlight, etc. Safer for all involved if vehicle equipment is operable, plus police don't have to make risky traffic stops.
Alternatively, keep quiet to the driver of the 'low-rider' , with tinted windows, and aroma of pot - he/she deserves to be pulled over for 'faulty equipment' !!
 #110388  by Boots
IMHO, any handling of a firearm during a routine traffic stop should be avoided and is not something I would suggest doing.