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 #111520  by Amy Blackthorn
Sorry about their loss but black powder isn’t considered a firearm. They could have ordered it through the mail. Not Cabela’s fault.
 #111527  by NCC
2xTony wrote:Doesnt cabelas have a responsibility not to ship items to states where it would be illegal?
Only where it IS illegal.
 #112815  by Kensuke
Honestly, it was their own fault. I mean, what were they actually thinking about! In case their is something illegal in a certain state, you should not send it in there! That was their own fault, and they should not even think about trying to blame someone else! Back in 2019, I have had a similar issue with a certain store actually. Thanks God, I have found a proper lawyer from Jameson Law Sydney, and they helped me to get out of this stupid situation. I had no idea that it was forbidden and illegal in our state.