If you have received communication from specific stores, malls, towns and cities regarding their firearms policies, good or bad, post them here.
 #112649  by bren7176
Was told today by believe it was Matt who claimed to be the automotive /tire manager that open carry was illegal in Camden Walmart and against their store policy. I did reply since when he said said since all the mass shootings. I replied so where is the notice and since when did Walmart go against the state law on open carry ..he had nothing to answer with . AS anyone know there is nothing posted at that store has been nothing . He just seems to one of those anti gun nuts . I have contacted the the manager about this interaction and await further . I will say I carry in that store every time I do go there and this is the first time anyone has ever said anything ever . This numb nuts had a tag on his name tag that said veteran . Well if he is he must not been a a loyal one to the constitution , Must be a Biden supporter ..

 #112890  by brich2929
Vote with your wallet. Spend those $ at gun friendly retailers