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 Terms and Conditions 

By using this site, you agree to hold harmless Robert Wiltbank, DelawareOpenCarry.org's (aka deloc.org, known forward as "DELOC") internet host and DelawareOpenCarry.org's volunteers.

The information provided here is intended to give you a good starting point on openly carrying a firearm in the state of Delaware and where to look for authoritative information on the same. When possible, we try to provide a resource of contact information (attorney general and state, county or municipal law) or link to case law and other legal documents for you to verify the information on this site. Where this reference or contact information is absent from the site, it is up to the reader to find it.

The administrators and volunteers of DELOC may not be lawyers. If they are, they are not YOUR lawyers. Any information you see, read or otherwise garner from the mainsite or forums, the burden is on you to validate and verify said information.

DELOC is not, in any way, affiliated with the State of Delaware, nor are we a state agency or have the endorsement thereof.

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